Wellspring Farm is closed as of July 2014. Thank you for 11 wonderful years of bounteous food, friendship and community. Keep supporting our local farms! We each make a difference.

Wellspring Farm Barn Sale
Monday, Aug 4, 4-7PM

Used farm supplies, tools and equipment for sale (see directions to the farm below)


About Wellspring Farm!

Since 2003, we have been growing five acres of high quality certified organic vegetables and flowers on our beautiful farm on the banks of the Winooski River in Marshfield, Vermont. The majority of our produce is sold via community supported agriculture, or CSA. Our enthusiastic CSA members pick up their produce weekly at the farm or in Montpelier from mid June to early October. Shares include an abundance of fresh, organic, seasonal vegetables and fruit direct from our fields. Enjoy pick-your-own crops like peas, beans, cherry tomatoes and flowers for an on-farm experience. Notice the changes in the season, cut flowers in the garden with a friend, and keep farmland active in your community! Wellspring Farm is the recipient of the 2005 Conservation Farm of the Year Award Awarded by the Winooski Natural Resource Conservation District.


Wellspring Farm is conveniently located on Route 2 in Marshfield, 13 miles from Montpelier, along the beautiful Winooski River.

From the west -- Take Route 2 east past the town of Plainfield. Turn right onto Patty's Crossing immediately after signs for Meadowcrest Campground (approx. 4 miles beyond Plainfield village). Go over bridge. Turn right to Lafirira Place. The farm is at the dead end.

From the east -- Take Route 2 west past Marshfield village. Turn left onto Patty's Crossing (approx. 3 miles from Marshfield village). Go over bridge. Turn right to Lafirira Place. The farm is at the dead end.

Directions to Montpelier CSA Pickup location: Thursdays, 4-6 PM. Located at the Vermont College of Fine Arts, next to Alumni Hall at the top of East State Street.


Wellspring Farm: Recipient of the Conservation Farm of the Year Award (2005) Awarded by the Winooski Natural Resource Conservation District

Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food!
Wellspring Farm is owned and managed by farmer Mimi Arnstein (pronounced “Mi-mee”; rhymes with “Jimmy”). Mimi has been growing organically for CSA & wholesale markets for over 10 years. She serves on the board of NOFA-VT and the Vermont Vegetable and Berry Growers Association.

Our amazing field crew consists of apprentices, local employees, volunteers and working members. Meet the 2013 staff here


Wellspring Farm CSA Statement of Integrity

Wellspring Farm CSA is a small scale farm business that produces the highest quality produce for our community. We provide healthy, fresh food, strengthen community, and educate about farm sustainability issues. We teach our apprentices all aspects of small scale farming in order to create farmers of the future. We create a fine quality of farm life that supports our economic, social and emotional well being. To meet these objectives we:

Wellspring Farm is USDA certified organic.

We want you to know just how much you can trust the food we produce for your table. To that end, we have transparent production on our farm. You can walk our fields, talk to the farmers, volunteer on harvest days, read our food safety practices, check out our equipment and storage facilities.

Farm History

Wellspring Farm has been farmed organically since the late 1980s. Prior to that, cows roamed our pasture and were milked in our historic barn. Wellspring has been the home to a famous resident: Luvia Lafirira. Luvia was a woman with clairvoyant visions. Folks throughout central Vermont tell us stories of getting their fortune told or finding a lost pet with the help of Luvia. She believed that our land and natural springs were a source of powerful energy; hence our chosen moniker, Wellspring.

One local resident remembers Luvia and offered this remembrance: I lived in the small house on your farm from 1975 through 1978 and knew Luvia and her husband George. Luvia told me that she was aware of her clairvoyant powers since she was a small girl growing up in Plainfield Village where her father was a blacksmith. She repeatedly said that she felt all of us have access to the same powers/insights. It was just a matter of being able to “see”. Luvia felt that the spring on your farm was a source of energy and was perhaps sacred. She used to comment that Lord’s Hill (the hill overlooking the farm) was a power source that was recognized by Native Americans. Luvia was very well known for her ability to locate lost items – and people. There was one incident where she helped the Maine state police to find a lost boy – in Maine without her ever leaving Marshfield !

Luvia and George are buried in the cemetery off US Route 2 near the East Montpelier/Plainfield boundary. A scene from the farm with them in the horse and buggy is engraved on their stone.

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